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A guide to clothing-optional recreation

This is a location-aware guide to the nude (clothing-optional) spots where you can safely get some of that sun on your skin! You can update the guide with your reviews of the spots you or others have found, from popular nude beaches to the “secret” backyard-oasis.inude recreation isn’t sexual, it’s freeing, as you will or have already found. Enjoy!

Perfect for finding Nude Resorts and Swimming !

This is THE app to help you find nude recreation. Research the locations before you attend but this will get you started! Integrated use of maps and navigation make it easier to find the locations (they are usually “out of the way”). Highly recommend!

Great app, but..

As the UK is breaking up, I would desire for the individual countries of Britain, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland to be listed

Nice App Needs to Evolve

I'e had this app for three years and it has been helpful locating places. However, the app limits itself to give you limited reviews of resorts and beaches and very basic map locations. No weather, or other helpful things. It needs to grow and become a better and not so limited tool. The folks of Nudist Compass have it right but that app is only for windows based phones.

Pretty Nice

When used as advertised, this is good. Locations can be added through the website as well as being at the actual location. This is a community type of app, so you get what you give. I upped the rating as so many more locations have been added.

Nice app

Need a lot more locations and reviews. Don't just give it stars add some information.


Took clothes off at wrong place. Oh well! Great idea - app needs work - database increased.

Good idea! Small database

Good idea to map areas to swim au naturelle. But there are thousands of places missing. Needs major database improvements.


Didn't work for me at all :(

Good app

It's nice to have an app that let's you know where you can enjoy your time in the nude.

Has potential

Has potential but, currently there are way too few listings to be very useful.

Vary col

Been using it and nice app. I would like to see all the nude swim locations, It looks like it only shows areas with in a set distend away. I just took a trip from dallas to the east cost. When in dallas it showed west cost areas and when getting to the east cost it no longer showed the west coat areas. And in dallas I don't see any areas out side of north America Please fix Below is my first review, Looks great nd will be fun to help keep it up. I live in Texas in the U.S. And only see 5 location in all of the U.S. I know there are more I also don't see any overseas , also I don't see the ones they show on there screen shot. I know this the first phase of the app. Looking forward to other adding to it

Almost There!

This app offers both a map and list format (as well as miles/yards and kilos/metres measurements). The bigger drawback is lack of users/locations, but that will come with time. SUGGESTION: provide the ability to differentiate between private and public/vacant properties. This way, users can tag their favorite campgrounds and resorts, as well as the local watering hole.

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